Terracube – all about quality, efficient, and personalized service while respecting our environment.

Gilles Forget has worked in construction and landscaping for about thirty years. In 2008, he and his wife Carole Rochon founded their first business. Having a lot of success and seeing different opportunities, Terracube company was born in 2014 with a desire to offer its customers in the field of construction and renovation a service increasingly adapted to their needs.

A company based on excellence, contribution, and the family.

Terracube started with a fleet of 15 dumpsters and now manages containers across Canada. To pursue their desire to contribute to our region’s economic and environmental needs, they added a sub-division, a Sorting Center in Denholm.

Our values and commitment are to offer you a quality, efficient, and personalized service while respecting our environment.

Looking forward to meeting you,

Gilles and Carole

Company’s values

It was during a strategic meeting in 2018 that the owners surrounded by the key employees of the company created the three central values ​​of the company: Excellence – Contribution – Family


To excel in our customer service. To aspire to always offer the best quality of services and products to our customers. We are not perfect and do not claim to be, but our concern for excellence always drives us to find winning solutions for all.

To excel in our know-how. To provide training to employees to keep them at their best and the peak of their skills.

To excel in our business. To continually refine our ways of doing things, our methodologies, internal systems, technology, etc., to support our customers, employees and organizational goals.


To contribute to solutions to environmental issues.

To contribute to the well-being of the community through our involvement or donations to charities in the region.

To contribute to the economic development of the region.


Terracube is a family business composed of married co-owners and a few “children” who have chosen to participate and contribute to the business’s success.

Terracube has long-standing and loyal employees, suppliers and collaborators, who have understood that they, too, are part of the big family.

Respect, camaraderie, loyalty, solidarity and these other values associated with family are present in Terracube’s everyday life.

Being an employer of choice is not just about offering a competitive salary, giving access to group RRSPs, or social benefits. We offer it all, but…

… what is important for us is to create a work environment where employees are proud and happy to come to work. Our desire to evolve as an employer of choice and as visionary companies motivate our business decisions.

You want to be part of our family and our team, and your values align with ours, send us your resume!

Working in the great family of Terracube and our other related businesses also means:

  • Hire employees not just for the job but for the company.
  • Integrate employees in a welcoming and supervised manner.
  • Offer employees the opportunity to learn and develop their skills and their person by offering training and coaching.
  • Offer a performance appreciation (collaborative work between employee and supervisor, not one-sided).
  • Access to a Facebook group where encouragement and information are shared.

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    I want to thank Gilles and his team for their impeccable service. I have dealt with several suppliers for dumpsters, and none have given me a service like Terracube. It is always extremely fast to receive, exchange and return bind. I really recommend their services to everyone.

    T. Le Gresley